Mainstream's network focuses on connectivity and automation by maintaining a highly open IT architecture with electronic interfaces to a substantive and growing list of brokers and counterparties. The Mainstream IT can quickly formulate interfaces to engage with relevant parties, permitting efficient information transfer.

Mainstream operates relational databases, making the network more flexible and scalable in order to support funds in achieving agility and strategy innovation, thereby promoting financial viability and corporate stability. Data is segregated per client and is highly secure. Access to data is secured by password protection. Information pertinent to each individual manager or client can therefore be accessed only by the authorised persons.

Mainstream's systems are reviewed when any new functionality is introduced and also on a yearly basis by each audit firm. We also have an appointed internal ISAE control officer who carries out a review every 6 months to ensure on-going compliance with the controls and processes.

Mainstream have developed a comprehensive disaster recovery plan in conjunction with a specialised provider Savanet Solutions.

To ensure continuous operation, the data centre has access to redundant high-capacity power supplies from two separate Electricity Sub Stations, as well as this, the Data Centre provides Interruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems and standby diesel generators capable of supporting the site indefinitely in the unlikely event of a failure of grid-power."

The Savanet system would recreate the TDA data environment at their site and TFA staff would have access to this site.

Additionally, Mainstream's systems are protected by the firewalls of both the Oyster Point building and Mainstream's own firewall.

All PCs are servers have anti-viral protection from Symantec which is updated automatically as new virus definitions are received.

Upgrades and technology reviews are conducted periodically and at minimum on an annual basis.

E-mail protection is provided by Microsoft Hosted Services to protect from spam, phishing and viral email attacks.