Mainstream Fund Services Security Policies

Mainstream Fund Services employs a variety of the latest technologies to ensure the intregrity of all our data including -

Dual Layer Firewall and DMZ

Our web servers sit in a 'demilitarized zone' behind a secure firewall - a security monitoring system - separating them from the outside world and are then separated from our back office data servers by another separate and secure firewall giving multi-level protection against any potential attacks.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

Our customer web areas are protected by secure socket encryption to give an additional layer of security to prevent data interception.

Active Directory Integrated Access

All user access to our secure sites are controlled by Microsoft Active Directory login protocols to protect sensitive data from outside interference.

Secondary Login to Critical Systems

A second layer of security protects our critical operating processes forcing users who have been authenticated onto the system by Active Directory to supply a second, different set of authentication details to gain access to business sensitive data.


Users are automatically logged out after a period of inactivity to protect against any unauthorized persons gaining access to our data at an idle terminal.